watchOS 8 introduced: what’s new with watchOS 8?

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The watchOS 8 updates for Apple Watch smartwatches have been introduced. You can find the innovations that come with watchOS 8 in our news.

watchOS 8 introduced whats new with watchOS 8

Apple announced the watchOS 8 updates at today’s WWDC 2021 event. You can find the innovations that come with watchOS 8 in this article. The public beta version of the watchOS 8 updates will be released in July, while the full version will be released this fall.

watchOS 8 introduced whats new with watchOS 8 1

The watchOS 8 update provides an “always-on app” to the calculator, maps, and music apps on Apple Watch Series 5 and 6. Even if you turn off the screen, the calculator will appear on the watch, and once you need to use it, just tap the screen once.
Improved dictation and drawing writing. Just scribble the word to erase it. You can move the cursor using the Digital Crown. Emoji shortcut is coming to the bottom left.
There’s been a slight change in the design of the breathing app. It’s the ability to track your breathing rate while you sleep. He’ll give you a warning when an abnormal situation is detected.

  • Pilates and tai chi options have been added to the training app. Your watch will follow you better when you do these exercises.
  • Portrait photos on your phone will look stylish when you make the watch face. Unlocking will give you a three-dimension sense. When you make memories and featured photos on the watch face, the time and date information will appear in harmony with the photo. The interface of the Photos app has been refreshed. You’ll be able to share your photos and music on Apple Watch via iMessage or Mail.
  • The design of the music app has been renewed.
  • If there’s going to be rain or storms in a few hours, the clock will warn you.
  • iOS 15 also comes with watchOS 8, the Focus feature that comes with iPadOS 15. You will be able to determine when which notifications can appear by creating various profiles such as job mode, driving mode, home mode, and so on. Roughly speaking, the Do Not Disturb feature has been customized according to profiles.
  • Added the ability to set up multiple timers at the same time.
  • You will be able to play GIFs that come with iMessage on your watch.
  • The Apple Fitness+ app adds exercises from a variety of celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, Keith Urban, and Alicia Keys.
  • Improved the functions of the Home app on the apple watch.
watchOS 8 introduced whats new with watchOS 8 2
  • If you use a HomeKit-compatible smart doorbell, your watch will be notified when the doorbell rings.
  • Apple Watch Series 6 comes with the ability to unlock cars. With iPhone, you will also be able to unlock cars that you can unlock with a watch.
  • An app is being added so you can easily find Airtags and other Apple devices.
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