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Watch out if you are traveling by plane


Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro battery problem, the Federal Aviation Administration did not escape attention. The US Federal Aviation Administration has decided to ban Apple’s problematic MacBooks on flights.

Technology giant Apple launched a battery exchange program about 2 months ago and announced that the batteries of the 15-inch MacBook Pro should be replaced. A major shock came from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as the company’s battery replacement process continued.

According to a new FAA decision, 15-inch MacBook Pro users will no longer be able to carry their laptops on airplanes. FAA made statements on the subject, said that the batteries are at risk of fire and that is why the decision was taken.

Watch out if you are traveling by plane

With this decision taken by FAA, airlines are also on the move. Immediately after this decision, some airlines began to ask their passengers with the Apple MacBook Pro for a replacement document for their laptops. Passengers who prove that the battery has been replaced can take their laptops on board, but the laptops of those who cannot prove are not taken into the cabin or luggage compartment.


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