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Warning for iFixit for those who want to buy AirPods Pro!

Warning for iFixit for those who want to buy AirPods Pro!

IFixit examines the devices and determines repairability points, says AirPods Pro is almost impossible to repair. For this reason, Apple’s headset is described as disposable, the battery is the source of the problem.

iFixit: AirPods Pro is almost impossible to repair

As you know, all the batteries we use from smartphones to automobiles have a lifetime. Especially after two to three years of use, the battery performance of electronic devices is seriously degraded.

This problem is overcome by replacing the battery in smartphones. In the AirPods and AirPods 2, Apple used an integrated battery. In AirPods Pro, it switched to a standard battery. However, battery replacement is still unlikely.

This is due to the non-modular structure of AirPods Pro. It is very difficult to remove the headset and it is not possible to replace the battery without damaging it due to the adhesives used. Are all wireless headphones the same?

No. For example, Samsung’s wireless headset Galaxy Buds is able to replace the battery. Replacing the battery of popular headphones such as the Sony WF-1000XM3 is easy compared to the AirPods. In short, the fact that the battery of the AirPods models is almost impossible to replace becomes a major disadvantage, especially for second-hand users.

Of course, those who buy the devices with zero, two to three years after the first day performance can not get. Apple is expected to find a solution to this problem in the future wireless headphones will be introduced.

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