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Wallpapers for iPhone 12 Pro Published for All Smartphones


After iPhone 12, official wallpapers of iPhone 12 Pro have also been released online. No matter which smartphone you use, you can download wallpapers and use them as lock screen or home screen background.

In a news we shared with you last week, we mentioned that iPhone 12 wallpapers were shared online before the device itself was released. Now, iPhone 12 Pro wallpapers have appeared. Wallpapers with oval lines similar to the iPhone 12 appear with a darker theme in ‘Pro’ models.

IPhone 12 Pro wallpapers with 5 different color options; Available in red, yellow / gold, graphite, silver and blue color options. Although the transparent bubbles themed wallpapers with light reflected on them are mostly similar to each other, there are subtle differences between them.

You can download your favorite iPhone 12 Pro wallpaper from the list below and set it as your smartphone’s lock screen or home screen background, whichever model it is. Also, if you want to discover different and new wallpapers, we can invite you to our content here.

iPhone 12 Pro wallpapers

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