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Video showing how PS5 graphics will be!

Video showing how PS5 graphics will be!

“Project Athia” is one of the most anticipated games for PlayStation 5. A technology video was published with the graphics engine of the Luminous Engine game.

New video from Project Athia graphics engine released!

One of Square Enix’s new projects, Project Athia, uses the Luminous Engine graphics engine. So one of the games developed for PlayStation 5 will use this graphics engine. If you forget or think about what Project Athia is, you can watch video games from below.

If you remember how the game was, now let’s share with you a video that was made from the graphics engine and published in Computer Entertainment Developers Conference 2020 (CEDEC 2020).

Luminous Engine features are as follows;

  • It has a wide world map feature that can be manually edited.
  • It has a system that automatically uses and regulates plants, houses, rivers and similar inventory.
  • It has special optimization techniques that improve the vehicle design philosophy.

The game will be available for the PC platform after PlayStation 5. The exact date has not yet been announced.

What do you think of Project Athia with the next generation graphics that are planned to come to the PlayStation and PC platforms? You can share your ideas with us.

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