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US President Trump gave Apple a green light

US President Trump gave Apple a green light

Last July, Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro models can not gain advantage through any tax exemption, the United States President Donald Trump’s account, did not match the facts of the trade. The US Trade Representative gave Apple the expected news.

Donald Trump exempts Apple Mac Pro products

In a statement made by the US Trade Representative, Apple’s 15 percent exemption proposal is being evaluated said. As a result of the relevant authorities to reach a decision, Apple was eligible to apply a 10 percent exemption.

It is not clear whether any tariffs will be applied to other products other than the tax exemption applied to the components used in Mac Pro production. In addition, Tim Cook, who wants to continue to produce Mac Pro, also wants to invest in additional capacity.

For Apple, which aims to continue manufacturing parts within the borders of China, costs are rising rapidly. In this context, it is not yet clear how other additional tariffs, which have yet to be clarified, will affect prices.

These tariffs, which force computer manufacturers, also force companies that generate revenue from circuit board and graphic card sales. Tim Cook and his team are cautious about both this cycle and Donald Trump’s tax policies.

December 15, 2019 is a very critical date for Apple. Because on this date, the US administration will decide whether to continue the additional taxes. How and why do you think the prices of Apple products will be affected?

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