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US Politician’s First Twitch Stream Brings the Platform to the Top


US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a broadcast on Twitch yesterday evening. The politician playing Among Us in this broadcast has managed to make one of the most watched streams in Twitch history. Cortez’s broadcast reached 435 thousand viewers instantly.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who lives as a political figure on the part of democrats in the USA, broadcast for the first time on Twitch last night. The main purpose of this broadcast was to persuade the audience to vote in the upcoming Presidential Elections. However, this goal took on a completely different turn within hours. Cortez’s first broadcast on Twitch was recorded as one of the best in Twitch history.

According to the statistics on Twitch, the first broadcast of AOC on Twitch reached 435 thousand instant viewers. A website called TwitchTracker, which keeps statistics about Twitch, placed AOC among the top 20 Twitch accounts that have reached the highest audience count to date. By the way, let’s point out that the broadcast in question is not conversational focused, and the politician played Among Us during this publication.

Speaking of Twitch records, we need to state that the historical record on Twitch belongs to the world famous broadcaster Ninja. In this broadcast, which was recorded in 2018 and watched by 600 thousand gamers, Ninja and Drake played Fortnite together. Although AOC’s broadcast did not break Ninja’s record, it managed to become one of the best in history.

The AOC announced the publication on Twitter on Monday. He even asked his followers if they would like to play Among Us as well. This tweet received interaction from popular broadcasters such as D-MN, Pokimane, HasanAbi, Disguised Toast, and DrLupo. By the way, we should also mention that Hasan Abi is a Turk. Even if you ask how the game went, AOC became an “impostor” in its first game even though it had not played this game before.

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