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Ultra thin fast charging technology is coming from Realme!

Ultra thin fast charging technology is coming from Realme!

Smartphones, which we often use nowadays, are as important as the devices that charge them. In recent weeks, UltraDart has announced fast charging technology, and now we have approved SuperDart. There are many details about the quick charging adapters Realme SuperDart!

Realme CEO Madhav Sheth confirmed that ultra-thin fast charging adapters will soon appear.

The Realme SuperDart fast charging adapter, capable of charging at speed, will have a thinner structure than modern fast chargers. For some time, Realme had a 50W charging adapter, but it did not have a thin structure. The first fast charging adapters, which will soon be officially introduced, are expected to be available in India.

There is no clear information about the price. However, as you know, the currently available Realme charging adapter with a capacity of 50W is sold with a price tag of $23. These adapters are expected to appear with a price tag of $25 to $29. We will share with you when new statements come from the company.

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