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Two brand new features for WhatsApp

Two brand new features for WhatsApp

There are many new opportunities for WhatsApp. WhatsApp will receive new features that have been talked about for some time, and thus will provide users with a better experience. First, what are the new functions of the WhatsApp? If you want to say: the fingerprint reading function for the web version WhatsApp and the ability to freely configure the background for conversations. Details of functions:

WhatsApp new features and details

WhatsApp returns to two new functions. For WatsApp version of WatsApp in 2019, access to WhatsApp will be available.

This feature, tested for a more powerful and secure login, has been tested to provide an alternative to the feature that allows you to log in with the built-in QR code used in the Web version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is preparing to restart wall paper for the popular app with a new update for beta Android.

Although it is not known now when the feature that is under development will be available for use, with this new feature it will be possible to configure chat lights. With the WhatsApp feature, users can also set the opacity of the selected wallpaper.

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