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Twitter steps into the controversial issue!

Twitter steps into the controversial issue!

There was a problem Twitter faced a while ago. According to this problem, when users shared two photos, it was said that those photos were cropped biased and highlighted. Users upload two photos and the preview highlights photos or images of white-skinned people. Thousands of posts were made about Twitter preview photos. When is the Twitter preview photos problem resolved?

Twitter preview photos issue resolved soon

In the aforementioned question, photographs of black and white people are put side by side. Twitter algorithm adds the white person to the preview photo it cropped. It does this by bringing the man to the forefront when photographs of men and women are placed. Users who also tried different examples found this functioning of Twitter “racist and sexist”.

Although Twitter has announced that it will solve this problem for the algorithm, it is shared that the problem continues. Twitter admits that it cannot find evidence of racism or promotion in the problem, but that there is “harm potential”.

Twitter says the issue was addressed in a recent blog post. In the article written by Parag Agrawal and Dantley Davis, it is stated that Twitter will bring new changes in image cropping and these will be within the limits of transparency.

The article states that Twitter evaluates the criticisms that it received about the method of cropping the photos, and it is stated that the existing algorithm system is retested. The image cropping system predicts what people will focus on and look at first and bring it forward. In order to evaluate the criticisms here, the algorithm was tested with comparisons such as white and black people, white and Indian descent, and White skin / Asian descent.

As a result of the situations that were compared and tested in all ways, the salience map was calculated and the algorithm was allowed to evaluate by considering race, gender or other variables. Twitter, which has come to the conclusion that there is no discrimination after this, seems to highlight an image that people want or chose in such images with the new change it will bring.

Will Twitter preview photos resolve the issue? Do not forget to share with us in the comments.

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