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Twitter is changing! The new period begins

Twitter is changing! The new period begins

Twitter is an important social media platform that has been in our lives for a long time. Today, many people around the world share their information or emotional messages. Therefore, the published messages can be attracted to many different places and annoying users with different answers. Aware of this, Twitter has begun working on the option to respond to tweets so people can use a more peaceful platform. So how will Twitter be the new feature?

Rewrite rules with Tweet reply

Today, many people share their feelings or important information via Twitter with 240 characters. While users can bring the world war to the point with the tweet they send, they are able to indicate what they are uncomfortable with the topic they raise. As such, many answers come under people’s tweets. When you shared a problem with yourself, you could be left with people’s rude responses and problems on Twitter. A new feature, such as the option to respond, comes after people realize that their rude behavior breaks the peace of Twitter day by day. Twitter can become better than before.

When you tweet you will be able to choose who can respond to this tweets in 4 different ways.

Anyone can answer
People you follow and are mentioned in the tweet
The people you mentioned in Tweet
No one

With these options you can prevent negative comments, especially from people you do not know. Today, many people can get into psychological depression because of people who are uneasy around Twitter and can be affected by this situation.


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