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Twitter came with Fleets mistakes!

Twitter came with Fleets mistakes!

Fleets, the latest innovation introduced by Twitter, seems to contain a lot of bugs. According to TechCrunch, stories that normally need to be deleted within 24 hours can remain visible on your profile for longer. In addition, no notification is received if anyone sees or downloads the story you shared.

Twitter Fleets contain unsafe bug

First Snapchat and then Instagram with the story feature that went from good to better in our lives, now Fleets has come to Twitter with the name. But a few days later, this innovation brought with it some bugs. A story that should be deleted within 24 hours under Normal circumstances can stay longer due to an error that occurs. In addition, shared posts may sometimes be monitored or downloaded by other users.

“We are aware that some Fleets media URLs are accessed even after 24 hours, ” a Twitter official said. For now, we are working to bring a temporary fix to this technical problem. We will share it soon, ” he said.

The app, on the other hand, keeps posts that users share on their accounts for 24 hours, while keeping them in its own database for 30 days. Although this is a development that violates ethics rules, Twitter claims it did this to get users to access its data. On the other hand, the mobile version of the app has slowed down quite a bit in the last few days.

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