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Twitch Users Are Getting Banned for Streaming while Driving

Twitch Users Are Getting Banned for Streaming while Driving

Driving while using a mobile phone can land you with a pretty significant fine from the courts and maybe even the possibility of losing your license. That shouldn’t, however, overlook the biggest concern. Namely, that it is distracting you from the important business of actually looking at the road! That didn’t, however, seem to stop a significant number of Twitch users who decided it would be a good idea to broadcast while behind the wheel.

In a report via the BBC, Twitch is now officially handing out temporary bans and account suspensions for any users caught streaming while driving.

Twitch Bans Users Caught Streaming While Driving

Twitch has always had rules in place technically against this sort of action. In fact, Twitch has rather a lot of rules that many would argue that they’ve not so heavy-handed to enforce. Something that is, however, changing.

In the latest move that has seen Twitch start to get tougher on rule enforcements, they have begun handing out bans and suspensions to those users who were caught driving and streaming (quite literally) in the act.

More of a Warning

It should be noted that to date users are only reporting temporary bans for breaking this rule. As such, Twitch may be making this move just to give it’s users a solid reminder that this is really not a good idea.

The good news is, however, that most users who have received these bans are actually taking it in good spirits. It is, after all, far more preferable to get a warning off Twitch than getting a fine from the police.



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