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Twitch has lost another publisher Mixer


Microsoft’s Mixer platform explodes bombs one after another in the publishing world. After the famous publisher Ninja, Shroud, as popular as him, was transferred to the Mixer.

Twitch has lost another publisher Mixer

Amazon’s Twitch and Google’s YouTube platforms as a rival in the field of game broadcasting Mixer bombs explode one after another. Seeing that the most effective way to increase traffic is to buy a publisher, the firm has opened its mouth.

Important transfer

The transfer of Ninja, one of the most important publishers of the Twitch platform, to the Mixer had a bomb effect in recent months. Having reached over 1 million followers in a short time on the Mixer platform, the Ninja showed how well Microsoft’s move was.

The company’s next move was to transfer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek publisher. Shroud, one of the leading publishers of the Twitch platform, announced the transfer to the Mixer via social media. Shroud had over 7 million followers on Twitch.

Shroud managed to reach 366 thousand subscribers in a short time. The number of subscribers is increasing rapidly. One of the biggest contributions of this is that Mixer distributes free subscriptions on Shroud as well as on the Ninja channel. If this momentum is maintained, only the Ninja and Shroud will bring more than 3 million members to the Mixer platform. This success may pave the way for Microsoft to transfer more publishers.


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