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Twitch finally comes to Apple TV

Twitch finally comes to Apple TV

The Twitch application on consoles, mobile devices and many platforms will eventually appear on Apple TV. With the beta version has already started to serve users.

Twitch, which has recently been in contention with its new competitors, fulfills an important request that users have expressed for a long time. The Twitch app is officially featured on Apple TV. In short, Twitch application can be used on tvOS based devices.

Started beta

Apple’s Twitch application, already included in TestFlight, is already in beta. All the usual Twitch features such as watching live broadcasts, commenting on the chat and following popular games can be used.

The absence of the Twitch application has been filled with third-party applications to date. Of course, it is very important that the official application comes because they cannot provide the functionality of the official application.

If you want to join the beta phase before the final version of the application is released, you should complete the steps such as installing the TestFlight application on your Apple TV and an iOS device and registering with the TestFlight program.

You can access the TestFlight page of the Twitch application via this link. Since it is in beta phase, it is possible to see various errors in the application. So you might want to wait for the final version.

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