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Twitch app came to Apple TV


Twitch application on consoles and mobile devices for years has finally officially come to Apple TV. This allowed users to avoid using third-party applications such as Twitchy.

Twitch app came to Apple TV

Good news for Twitch users with Apple TV. As of today, the official Twitch app for Apple TV has finally been released. Although the application could be used in consoles, mobile devices and Android TV boxes for years, it had not come to the Apple TV platform.

As such, Apple TV owners have had to use third-party applications such as Twitchy to date. Last month Twitch released a public beta version of the Apple TV application. Today the final version is available for download.

Offers the same features as other platforms

Twitch’s Apple TV application has the same features as the mobile and desktop versions. This means that users can watch live broadcasts of their favorite games and activities, as well as view pre-recorded videos. They will also be able to participate in conversations.

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