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Transparent face mask with a jellyfish look!

Transparent face mask with a jellyfish look!

In accordance with the measures of Coronavirus, masks have become mandatory for wearing almost all over the world. The most important thing in rules tightened as a secondary wave measure for the virus is to wear a mask. The use of the mask, which many now make familiar, adopts different models every day. Previously, some brands met users with transparent masks. Now the transparent design of the mask looks like a jellyfish, and it is very interesting!

Transparent mask that looks like jellyfish glued to your face

This mask was created mainly so that health workers could have an alternative to masks that strike their face and do not interfere with the air. The transparent mask has no thread. Therefore, the rubber rope is attached to the face of a person with a vacuum structure and not to the rope. Thus, it offers a more practical application.

This mask, designed for breathing, has natural bamboo filters, silk, silver, carbon, as well as kitosan components for biomedical materials. If this is the beautiful side of the mask, it does not interfere with the smile and other facial expressions.

A person who wears a mask with silicon, which is part of the structure of kitosan, has a therapeutic effect. Its structure protects the skin, makes it wet and attracts attention that a person has a natural structure that keeps the face healthy and smooth.

The materials of this mask, developed at MIT and MIT Lincoln Laboratory, do not damage human skin like other masks. Let’s approach the design. We can say that this mask is similar to a jellyfish, but a golden strip located on the sides makes the mask more aesthetic.

A mask we call a biofilter. Masks are transparent, but their protection is very high. And thanks to its recyclable material, this very environmentally friendly mask does not breathe because it ends in the lower jaw. The environmental direction of the mask should not be reset, because millions of masks from plastic are thrown into the sea and nature. Masks stay there for 450 years and longer, which causes pollution.

If you want to view the mask, you can click on this connection.

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