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Top secret agreement between Google and Samsung


Samsung Google, which uses the Bixby virtual assistant and the Galaxy app store in its ecosystem, has made an attractive offer. Google Assistant Google Play.

Top secret agreement between Google and Samsung

Google; He constantly boasted that the Android operating system is an open source and allows manufacturers to use their own solutions. He launched this flexible structure as an advantage for Apple’s closed ecosystem.

Secret transaction

Currently, Google Assistant is a digital assistant in the Android operating system and the default Play Store application store. However, manufacturers are developing their own solutions.

Huawei has developed its own store because of the embargo. Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi are reusing their digital assistants and app stores. However, the most effective assistant in the global sense is in the Samsung store.

The Bixby smartphone and the Galaxy store, in which Samsung invests a lot of money. When tablet and smartphone segments merge, this has a big impact on Samsung in the Android world.

According to Bloomberg and Reuters sources, a meeting is underway between Google and Samsung on this issue. Google wants its own assistant and app store to become more advanced on Samsung devices.

In this agreement, based on the revenue section, Samsung will remain an assistant and store. Some models say that Samsung, which is even preparing a special Bixby key, has not yet decided on this offer.

The most important reason is that Samsung is experiencing a decline in smartphone sales by about 20 percent due to the pandemic, although this is required by the general course. Google’s proposal says it’s very generous.

We do not know how much Google offered or what other offers there were in the Android ecosystem. Google and Samsung have already denied these allegations.

Of course, such a transaction may not have much impact on the end user. Many users already have direct access to assistants or stores. In the background, Google will get more access to user data and more distances in oriented advertising.

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