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TikTok played its last trump card on the ban

TikTok played its last trump card on the ban

Social media app TikTok has filed a court action against the Trump government’s blocking moves. The measure is taken to prevent the removal of the application from Apple and Google stores, whose US operations will be blocked if it is not sold to a non-Chinese company until September 27.

TikTok tries to stop the ban by court order

The Trump government has issued decrees in recent months on the grounds that Chinese WeChat and TikTok threaten national security, announcing that both companies will be banned if they are not sold to an organization outside of China. While September 27 was set as the deadline for the request in question, a counter move came by TikTok to stop the execution.

According to The Verge’s report, the firm argued that the ban would hit freedom of expression in its application to the Columbia district court. Thus, a decision was taken to prevent the decision to remove the application from Google and Apple stores. It was also underlined that the request addressed an initiative to separate TikTok from ByteDance, and claims that the application provided data to Beijing were once again denied.

President Trump initially gave ByteDance until September 15 to divest TikTok. He then ordered both Apple and Google to ban the application until September 20. However, Trump decided to extend the period after the interim agreement with Oracle.

On the other hand, it is not yet clear whether ByteDance will give control of TikTok to another company. Because the Chinese government recently made statements that they wanted TikTok to be completely eliminated rather than being taken over by another company.

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