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Tiktok application was sued by a 12-year-old British girl!

Tiktok application was sued by a 12-year-old British girl!

Bloomberg said a 12-year-old London girl took the Tiktok app to court, alleging that the European Union’s data protection rules were violated by the app. A judge in London ordered the girl’s name not to be disclosed so that she could continue to move forward in the case. UK Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield will take the case to court on behalf of the underage girl.

Longfield says it is very important for the court to provide him with anonymity because otherwise Tiktok could face direct online bullying by other children or users of the app, and “negative or hostile reactions from social media influencers.” In other words, by bringing this action against TikTok, the girl could be punished by app users who wanted revenge if her name was mentioned.

Judge Mark Warby would have made up his mind earlier this week. He decided to go to court, claiming that the child’s privacy rights had been violated “rightly or wrongly.”

In Europe, TikTok’s collection of children’s private data is under intensive scrutiny by EU guards. In June, heads of Data protection formed a task team amid plans to coordinate an investigation into “TikTok’s processing and applications”. TikTok said in a statement, “Privacy and security are the top priority for TikTok. We have robust policies, processes and technologies to protect all users and especially our young users. ” said.

Since TikTok’s parent company is Chinese ByteDance, there are already questions in the US about what will happen to the personal data of TikTok customers who sign up for the app. The current US administration pretends that all Chinese companies are stealing data from American companies and consumers and sending it to the Communist Chinese government in Beijing. This scenario was never proven by the US.

By the end of the last quarter, the app has been uploaded more than two billion times, with over 800 million active users from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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