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Three iPhone Models Unveiled Next Month


Apple’s 2019 model phone has received many criticisms, but still has a very curious eye. Although many features of the phone were revealed, the model names were still hidden, but according to a new information, the name of the phones became known.

We are now in the countdown for the event that Apple will introduce the next generation of iPhone models. With the launch date approaching, the number of phone information continues to increase.

In recent days, many rumors about the names of phones had wrapped the internet. Today’s information came from a phone case vendor. ESR, a company that sells iPhone cases through Amazon and elsewhere, said the iPhone’s 2019 will be named ‘iPhone 11’, ‘iPhone 11 Pro’ and ‘iPhone 11 Pro Max’.

Three iPhone Models Unveiled Next Month

This information was first posted on ESR’s list of new iPhone models for the stock list showing the site, such as products such as screen protectors. In addition to all these, the names of the devices were noted.

When the ESR product list is examined, it is said that the iPhone 11 will become a top model of the iPhone X. It has a 6.1-inch LCD screen and comes with two cameras.

The site, which is named as iPhone 11 Pro, replaces the iPhone XS in the 2018 models. The 6.5-inch model is expected to be called the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

We can say that the information provided by the companies producing cases for smartphones is true to a great extent, but unfortunately we do not have the opportunity to know that this information is 100% accurate.

The iPhone family, which will be introduced after about two to three weeks, is a bit upset, but the enthusiasm for the phone is still at its peak. Since the phone is out for a short period of time, we will most likely be introducing new information on the iPhone 11.


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