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Three companies partnered to fight Apple!

Three companies partnered to fight Apple!

The ongoing friction between Epic Games and Apple has moved to a different dimension. Epic Games was in trouble as it circumvented Apple’s in-app purchase protocol. Epic Games, on the other hand, officially opposed Apple, saying that Apple’s 30 percent share was quite high and that it exploited users. Apple responded by removing Fortnite, Epic Games’ game, from the App Store.

Spotify, Tinder, and Epic Games united against Apple

Spotify, Match Group (Tinder’s parent company) and Epic Games, who believe that Apple’s trade policy is going to monopolize, have united against Apple to form a non-profit partnership. The purpose of the partnership, known as the App Fair Alliance, is determined to object to Apple’s App Store policy and to defend legal and regulatory rights.

In addition to Epic Games, Match and Spotify, other members of the organization include smaller companies such as Basecamp, Blix,, Deezer and Tile. In addition, developers from Europe, the European Broadcasters Council, European News Media and Protonmail are also included in this group. Spotify filed an antitrust case against Apple in the European Union, while Epic Games sued Apple for alleged monopoly in the US Federal Court in California.

Some developers think Apple’s policies are there to take advantage of Apple services.

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