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This time for Twitter users, the “voice DM” period

This time for Twitter users, the “voice DM” period

Shortly after Twitter launched voice tweets for iOS users in June, it is experimenting with the idea of allowing people to record and send voice messages via direct messages. At this point, this feature, which is actively used in messaging applications and used in many social networks, can also come for Twitter. Twitter voice DM feature is being tested.

Twitter voice DM feature was first in Brazil

As far as is known, the newly tested feature will first be offered to users in Brazil. “We know that people want more options on how to express themselves on Twitter in both public and private conversations,” says Twitter, and at this point it wants to offer the feature to users in a short time.

This feature was first announced a few weeks ago by Matt Navarra as it was being tested. This feature has surfaced in rumors since August, after it was later found in the Twitter code by software developer Alessandro Paluzzi.

As mentioned, voicemails will be restricted to 20 seconds in length and a simple play / pause button will be included to check received messages. The Twitter team says it designed voicemail to make it a more natural part of Twitter chats. There is also a message reporting feature for the inevitable abuse this feature will bring.

It is still unclear whether it will be available to all users.

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