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This camera app detects fake news!

This camera app detects fake news!

Truepic’s prototype mobile app enables use of a smartphone’s camera to detect fake images. The company working with Qualcomm on the subject seems quite ambitious. Here is the camera application that can detect fake news:

The camera application that can detect fake news draws attention!

When we look at the point where social media has reached today, the rate of spread of fake news is quite high. Millions of people who do not need to do research on the subject believe in photos and videos spread on the Internet, making it easier to spread. Although there are studies on the subject in our country, an important worldwide study has been carried out.

In the news shared by Wired, the camera application that can detect fake news came to an important point with the work of a San Diego-based initiative. Working with Qualcomm, one of those who are interested in technology, Truepic can access detailed information of the images thanks to the mobile camera application.

The application developed to detect whether an image shared on any network is fake or not, compares information such as time and location. The initiative is reported to be designed to support a digital image standard developed by a group called Content Authenticity Initiative, which includes Twitter, Adobe and the New York Times.

Basically, thanks to this system, shared images and videos encode and mark information such as where they were first shared, before and after. Considering that fake news confirmation bodies use similar mechanisms, the development of the application is of greater importance.

He also stated that he will support Adobe Photoshop. In the first place, it is planned to test how NYT (New York Times) photojournalists and editors can use the technology in question. Truepic and Qualcomm’s project is the first to show how the plan can be integrated into the hardware. The first moves are planned to come in cooperation with Samsung.

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