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Thieves Steal 16 iPhone from an Apple Store

Thieves Steal 16 iPhone from an Apple Store

Apple Store stores where Apple’s products are physically displayed attract the attention of thieves as well as customers. A woman in the event in the United States, Apple Store, stealing a full 16 iPhone lost.

Apple Store thieves dwelling in the US, a store in the US managed to steal 16 iPhone brand smartphones. According to police, three women entering the Apple Store in the Bay Area in San Francisco managed to steal a total of 16 iPhones and ran away from the store. They came to the silver-colored Honda Civic’e women disappeared in a short time. The police wanted to share the photos of those people to let them know.

Last year, Apple stores in Walnut Creek, Emeryville and Berkeley were robbed.

Apple’s in trouble with thieves

One of the previous robberies had stolen about $ 1 million from an Apple store. In another case, the Apple store was robbed by armed people. Although Apple has put a “destruction button” that makes the demo products unusable, thieves manage to smash the phones and sell them as parts.

Robbery attempts at Apple stores not only threaten the brand, but also endanger store visitors. Apple needs to find new measures for such cases. For example, security cords found in many stores in our country are not available in US stores.


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