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There’s another leak about the Xbox Series S!

There’s another leak about the Xbox Series S!

Xbox Series S (XSS) is one of the long-awaited next-generation consoles. In the following months, the details of the console began to form, which was to be released.

A new leak has arrived about the Xbox Series S!

XSS will become a budget-friendly model for the Xbox Series X, but has not yet been announced by Microsoft. In recent months, the leak of Seris S. In connection with the leak of data about the joint console controller, charges were made on the side of Microsoft over the release date of the new generation of the console.

After these leaks, warranty deadlines were considered, and it turned out that the new consoles would go on sale on November 5, 2020. It is not yet known how correct this is, since the official statement of Microsoft was not made.

In a new leak, Twitter user Brendan bought an Xbox controller from the Microsoft online store and received a Game Pass Ultimate trial card telling about Series S.

The trial card contains unlimited access to a high-quality game that exceeds “Xbox Live Gold 100.” Xbox Series X, S, Xbox One and Windows 10 “.

According to another version, Series S. 7.5 GB of RAM, 4 TFLOP graphics computing and RTX support.

What do you think of the new claims and leaks? You can share your ideas with us.

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