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There are new details about when the price will be announced PlayStation 5


New claims have been made about when the price of the new Sony PlayStation 5 console will be announced. Thus, at the State of Play event, which will be held on August 10, many details related to the price of the console will appear.

What we have already learned about the new Sony PlayStation 5 game console is very curious. Even if we see the console design at a previous event, the prices, promotion dates and accessibility details that players are most interested in still keep a secret.

In many previous leaks, various claims were made against the price and date of sales of PlayStation 5. Now the Twitter user IronManPS5, known for his news leaks, has made claims about the next generation console.

There are new details about when the price will be announced PlayStation 5

According to Twitter users with 4chan screenshots, the next Sony State of Play event will be held on August 10. At this point, the most prominent place in the general screen images is the video presentation for PlayStation 5 in the list of clips.

On August 10, the event will feature presentations such as Console Review Snippet, Backward Compatibility Snippet, Advertising Snippet, and PlayStation 5 Snippet. The source of the leak says that the price of the console can be shown within the framework of “PlayStation 5.”

Here we must not forget that 4chan leaks are not very reliable. However, the list of users named IronManPS5, which raises leaks, is also not very good. Many users on PlayStation 5 in the last few months have made mistakes in most of these claims.

In addition, during the coronavirus epidemic, companies are moving to changes in their plans compared to norms. Do not forget that companies can move to change the plan, even if it is true when charges are brought.

We know that Microsoft is planning an Xbox Series X event in August when Series X talks about backward compatibility. The US company is also expected to explain the more affordable Xbox Series S console at this event. As a result, we will find out whether all these charges are correct only in the coming days.

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