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The world is getting ready for 8 camera smartphones!

The world is getting ready for 8 camera smartphones!

The number of users who count the days for smartphones with 8 cameras is substantial. Because the smartphone industry is developing day by day and the number of hardware-oriented designs is increasing.

Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and other phone manufacturers are under huge pressure in terms of innovation. In the past years, we encountered many companies that market their models through cameras.

Smartphones with 8 cameras are not far away!

We know that image quality is an indispensable factor for users. LetsGoDigital, known for its posts, took Lens Technology this time to support its argument.

The commercial partnerships signed by Lens Technology with famous technology companies such as Huawei, Samsung and Apple are extremely strong. Triple or quad camera setups are no longer a privilege today. Five-camera setups are spreading slowly.

Lens Technology both manufactures touch screens and works on camera modules. The screen of the Apple Watch is produced by this Chinese company. Lens Technology, which acquired a patent for an 8-camera design in China in May this year, shared the details of this patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization on October 2, 2020 and received approval.

When we look at the concept images, we see that this phone offers a full screen experience and has a futuristic design. There is a physical button at the bottom and this button is integrated into the screen.

We see that there is no visible notch, a punch-hole camera or a pop-up camera for the selfie camera. The front camera is allegedly under the screen.

There is no camera on the front. When we look at the back, 8 cameras and 4 flash units greet us. According to many users, this design is very eye-catching. Apart from that, we also encountered a 16-camera LG phone.

We do not yet know when such phones will be produced. It is not known what benefit these cameras will be placed in this way for photography and video capture.

In your opinion, will these models be popular in the market? We are waiting your comments.

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