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The smartphone that is expected to be Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite has appeared!

The smartphone that is expected to be Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite has appeared!

As we know, Xiaomi will soon introduce Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro smartphones. Apparently, Mi 10T Lite may join them later, the name has not yet been confirmed, but he claims that it will be the name of the smartphone number M2007J17G the product listed in the FCC database.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite Specifications

The name is not indicated, but it is noted that the new smartphone will belong to the Mi model, which means that there is no Redmi or Poco device. From the characteristics, it can be said that it will have a battery of only 4,720 mAh. Nothing is known about the recently appeared mysterious Xiaomi phone.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro price appeared!

Another leak shared by the famous Ice Universe leak specialist is the appearance of a price for Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro. The flagship Snapdragon 865 mobile processor, a 144 Hz display with adaptive refresh speed, 5000 maX battery support, as the main sensor on the rear camera, and 108 megapixels. The most important information is the price of a smartphone will be €699.

The price tag of the smartphone is not very attractive to users. It is said that the device will not be cheap and will be more expensive than before.

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