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The results are amazing! Here is the iPhone 12 bending test

The results are amazing! Here is the iPhone 12 bending test

Apple claimed that they had produced the most durable iPhone models ever. The iPhone 12 model, which is claimed to be more durable with its aluminum case and glass with ceramic shield, was bent tested.

Here is the iPhone 12 bending test

The iPhone 12 family, which came to the fore with its durability claim, was recently tested by a YouTuber. As a result of the test, it was seen that the iPhone 12 family was more durable than previous generations.

The company states that the glass used in the iPhone 12 family is more durable thanks to the nanoscale ceramic. It is also frequently encountered in the ceramic vehicle coating sector, which is harder than many materials.

In the bending test conducted by the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, we came across surprising results. Stating that the iPhone 12 model successfully passed the test, YouTuber underlined that Apple has made serious progress in this regard.

The iPhone 11 family also surprised many people with similar test results. When we consider Apple’s past design mistakes and some models are not durable due to these errors, we can easily say that the company has come a long way.

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