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The price of the Xbox Series X has been revealed! Comes to $ 499


The price of the Xbox Series X will be $ 499, according to information from reliable sources. We can say that it is a little above expectations. PlayStation 5 is thought to take a step forward in price.

The price of the Xbox Series X has been revealed! Comes to $ 499

Microsoft finally has details about the price from curious new generation consoles. After the official Xbox Series S price was announced, leaks from reliable sources for Series X. Xbox Series X will be available with a price tag of $499.

Microsoft’s next generation consoles

  • Xbox Series X – $ 499
  • Xbox Series S – $ 299

Can Series X compete?

The Xbox Series X price is slightly higher than expected. It was assumed that Microsoft would pursue a competitive policy, positioning the Series X at a better price than PS5. But the price of $499 seems to be a little ahead of PlayStation 5. Despite the fact that the disk version of PlayStation 5 costs $499, the digital version without disks will sell at a price of 399-449 dollars. In particular, we can assume that if digital PS5 is offered at an affordable price, it will see great dynamics in the market.

On the other hand, the Xbox Series S with a price tag of $299 is located in a great place. Microsoft notes that the Xbox Series S, attracting attention at an appropriate price and small size, will offer a new generation of gaming experience. According to industry information, the Series S will have graphical performance 4TFlops. On the side of the JPU and SSD, a device similar to the Series X. We can say that in this case the Series S will give a new generation of gaming experience at an affordable price even at a relatively low resolution. In particular, the Series S can be a good alternative to those who do not seek high resolution as 4K. Here, of course, the services of Game Pass and Project xCloud will become a powerful trump card of Series S.

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