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The price of the iPhone 12 may not be as expected!


Apple is again on the agenda at a price of iPhone 12. The US company, which postponed production of the new series due to the COVID-19 epidemic, this month released the Apple Watch Series 6 and new iPad models.

It is reported that the iPhone 12 family will be launched in October next year. We previously reported that Apple is trying to reduce the costs of the iPhone 12 models, which will be equipped with 5G technology.

Apple iPhone 12 is on the agenda again with its price

We have known for 44 years that a technology company has been trying to reduce battery costs. The new prosecution refutes the old charges. Earlier it was reported that iPhone 12 will be sold at $699.

A lawsuit filed in Weibo, known as China’s popular digital platform. The owner believes that iPhone 12 on the base was released last year at a price of iPhone 11 ($699).

According to the information received, the total cost of the components supporting the production of this model increased by $50. This increase will necessarily be reflected in the sale price of iPhone 12. We do not yet know what Apple will do in exchange for this increase.

iPhone 12 costs $699 to $749. iPhone 12 Max can cost between $799 and $849. Pro and Pro Max models can cost from $1.100 to $1.200. And finally, we must say that this information is not reliable.

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