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The most used WhatsApp feature is coming to PC!

The most used WhatsApp feature is coming to PC!

A new update for WhatsApp’s web / desktop client has recently been released, upgrading the version to 2.2043.7. With the new update, the audio and video calling feature offered on the mobile side will be available on WhatsApp Web!

The most used WhatsApp feature on mobile is coming to the Web

It was previously announced by the developer team that WhatsApp is working on Calls. Today, new details from the WhatsApp Web 2.2043.7 update have also emerged. WhatsApp plans to activate the Voice and Video Calls feature on the web and desktop client in the next few weeks, even if it is in the development beta phase.

According to the information shared by WABetaInfo, screenshots were also shared to show how the feature works. Accordingly, when you receive a call from WhatsApp Web, a window will open where you can accept or reject the call.

Likewise, when you call someone else, a different popup appears. Inside the window, there are microphone, camera and call end buttons. Voice and Video Calling feature can also be used in group calls.

It is expected that the new features that are published and expected in version 2.2043.7 of WhatsApp Web will soon exit the beta process and go to the full version.

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