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The latest update of Windows 10 crashes the computer

The latest update of Windows 10 crashes the computer

The August 2020 security update for Windows 10 was delivered to all users. Also affected are computers installing updates to November 2019 (version 1909) and May 2020 (version 2004) from tagged versions.

It was announced that the new update corrupted the WinSHS folder, which led to error 0x800f081f. The Reddit user reported that this update slowly reached 44 percent during download, and then reached 100 percent, after which it encountered error 0x800f081f.

The Reddit user stated that he had repeatedly tried the download and always encountered the same error as he was the victim of a 3.5 .NET Framework problem. Those who download new software without problems are also unhappy.

Some users reported that they had sound problems after the update. They say that the sound system suddenly stopped working and did not even work.

There have been no comments from the Windows front. If you do not want to download this update, you must ensure that updates are not performed automatically.

To cancel automatic updates, you must follow the path “Settings” > “Update” and “Security” > “Windows Update” > “Stop Updates.” Finally, note that this update does not affect everyone, but we recommend that you be careful not to install this update.

Computers of people using the version were less damaged than computers of those who installed the version. In the coming days, Microsoft may make a statement on this topic.

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