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The first smartwatch comes from OnePlus: How will it be?

The first smartwatch comes from OnePlus: How will it be?

OnePlus seems to be entering the field of wearable technology with its first smart watch model. As far as it turns out, a smartwatch signed by OnePlus is coming soon. To remind you, OnePlus 8T was introduced recently. It emerged from the “leaked smart watch drawings” that the company also worked for wearable technology after OnePlus Buds Z.

OnePlus is here with its first smart watch model

The first information about OnePlus smart watches appeared in 2016. The company shared for this device it has been working on for a while. OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei shared similar OnePlus smartwatch design drawings on his Twitter account. After this sharing made in 2016, some steps seem to have been passed.

Beyond the resulting smartwatch drawings, we don’t know much about OnePlus’ first smartwatch yet, and it’s unclear whether its planned design is different from what we saw in these drawings in 2016. In addition, it looks like the smartwatch will probably have Wear OS, which powers Google’s other Android smartwatches.

As can be seen in the post from OnePlus’s India official Twitter account, the OnePlus ecosystem is wanted to be created and the smartwatch is seen as an important step in this way. As you can imagine, the smart watch seems to be named OnePlus Watch. We do not know when the OnePlus first smart watch will appear, but it is possible to say that the brand is eagerly awaited by its fans.

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