The first leak from Huawei Watch 3 come: Here are its features

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The first leak from Huawei Watch 3 came Here are its features

Huawei continues to accelerate its breakthroughs in the smartwatch market. A new model of the manufacturer, which is competing with other brands in the market, has started to be discussed. Some details about the Huawei Watch 3, which will be the successor to the Watch 2 released in 2017, have been leaked.

Huawei has been focused on the Watch GT series, which has been using its own software for nearly four years. The sales figures for the series also look pretty good. The details of the new model in question increase our excitement.

Huawei Watch 3 can come with HarmonyOS and eSIM

According to a leak on Weibo, Huawei’s new smartwatch will come with HarmonyOS, one of the company’s major breakthroughs. It has previously been talked about that HarmonyOS, the operating system that the company supports in its new products, could come to watch GT series watches. Although these allegations have not been concluded, according to the leak report, this step will be taken in the original Watch series.

Previous models of the Watch series have seen Google’s WearOS operating system. In the Watch GT series, we saw the LiteOS operating system. The fact that HarmonyOS will be used in a smartwatch for the first time will be a radical step.

The screenshot, which is said to be the interface of the watch, is as follows:

The first leak from Huawei Watch 3 came Here are its features 1

We can say that this image does not resemble the HarmonyOS smartwatch demo that has appeared in recent months. This shouldn’t surprise us as ideas can change all the time in the design world.

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It is said that this model will have a shorter battery life as it will be equipped with advanced artificial intelligence. We can say that the Watch GT 2 battery lasts up to 8 days in normal use. If the claim is true, we can infer that this lifespan for huawei watch 3 will be 5-6 days.

Huawei Watch 2 had a nano-SIM slot. ESIM technology, which is gradually entering our lives, will make things even easier. This detail will distinguish it from the GT series, which does not support a mobile data connection. According to the same report, it will have the ability to print text with audio and send voice messages. This feature has been integrated with WeChat, which is very popular in China.

Rumors last week say that the introduction of the Huawei P50 series has been postponed until June. If this is true, the Huawei Watch 3 can also be introduced on that date. Let’s remember that the Huawei P50 will also come out with HarmonyOS.

What do you expect from Huawei’s new smartwatch? You can specify it in the comments.

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