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The first Apple Watch prototype appeared! Interesting design

The first Apple Watch prototype appeared! Interesting design

When we look at the smart watch market, Apple Watch is one of the leading products. Apple Watch, which is an example for many watches of its design, demonstrates a completely different design with its prototype. He notices the visual evolution of one of the first tests of clock design.

If we say that the watch in a common hotel is like iPod.

Apple Watch prototype revealed

Twitter says the Apple Watch is one of the first. The watch has a plastic safe, so there’s a cover on the main device. Such a thick watch with the keeper made the situation a little abnormal.

Despite the fact that it was a prototype Apple Watch, the shared access of Twitter users looks real, the reliability of this video is not certain. This design is reminiscent of iPod Nano, it is good that we do not meet such a design in new models.

2014 Apple Watch. Watches other than the prototype continued to be produced for two years. The first generation Apple Watch with DRAM and storage inspired the watch we have today.

Do you think this hour would have been bought if it had been sold years ago?

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