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The design of the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus becomes clear


Recently, high-quality images were released, revealing the design of the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus. Cases for the smartphone confirm the design is right.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus becomes clear

The design of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus appeared a while ago. Now the images of the smartphone case fell to the internet.

The source of such leaks is often the case manufacturers. Since the new phones are designed by using their models before they are released, these accessories are also available for sale when the devices come out.

Camera design disliked

The published visuals previously confirmed that the shared design is real. Because a large rectangular camera is left behind.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus is expected to come with a five-camera system. However, the camera module was found “ugly” in terms of the placement of the sensors and the overall appearance. If you look at the case visuals, this design is highly likely to be implemented.


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