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The company that will replace Huawei has been determined

The company that will replace Huawei has been determined

After the London administration’s banning policy against Huawei, citing national security concerns, it became clear which company will undertake the 5G technology. Nokia signed an equipment supply agreement with London-based telecommunications company BT to replace Huawei. The Finnish firm will first provide additional base stations for IT subsidiary EE to support the radio access network. Nokia will become one of the most important equipment providers in the UK with the 5G deal.

Nokia replaces Huawei with 5G deal

The UK government banned all mobile transaction providers from purchasing equipment from Huawei as of December 31 in July. In addition, the government had announced to these telecommunications companies that they should remove Chinese companies’ 5G kits from their networks by 2027.

After all these developments, Finland-based Nokia London-based telecommunications company will shake hands with BT and resume Huawei’s role in 5G technology. In addition, with the agreement, Nokia will fill the gap created by Huawei in BT’s 2G and 4G networks. BT is already using the services of Nokia to provide 3G service. In this way, it will be ensured that the infrastructure goes to the whole country from one place.

“With the next phase of our successful relationship with Nokia, we will continue to lead the deployment of fixed and mobile networks to deliver outstanding experiences for our customers,” said Philip Jansen, CEO of BT.

On the other hand, with this decision taken on the grounds of national security, it ended the strong relationship between IT and Huawei dating back to 2005. BT previously worked with Ericsson, another Scandinavian company, on data provision and voice services, which is the most sensitive point of communication with Huawei.

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