The charger may not come out of Xiaomi Mi 11’s box


The box of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 11 has appeared. The image leaked by a reliable source reveals that the box thickness of the Mi 11 and iPhone 12 is almost the same. This suggests that Xiaomi Mi 11 may not have a charger out of the box.

Xiaomi, one of the most popular technology companies of recent times, will announce its newest flagship phone Mi 11 on December 28. Although the phone has not been announced yet, both official posts and leaks revealed important details of Xiaomi’s new monster. A new image that has emerged now is the kind that will confuse consumers who defend different brand phone manufacturers.

US-based technology giant Apple has appeared with the iPhone 12 family in recent months. The most talked about feature of this phone was that it didn’t have a charger out of the box. Even Samsung and Xiaomi, Apple’s gear competitors, made fun of Apple on this development. However, it has recently emerged that Samsung is considering giving up the charger. Moreover, the company deleted the share it made fun of with Apple. This time, Xiaomi fans had bombed Samsung over these allegations. Xiaomi fans; We’re sorry, but it may be your turn.

Charger may not be included in the box of Xiaomi Mi 11

The charger may not come out of Xiaomi Mi 11’s box

Digital Chat Station, one of China’s largest sources of leakage, shared an image that it said belongs to the Xiaomi Mi 11’s box. A photo taken side by side with the iPhone 12’s box reveals that the box of both devices has almost exactly the same thickness. Although there is little difference, the image suggests that the Xiaomi Mi 12 may not have a charger out of the box.

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Here is that box claimed to belong to Xiaomi Mi 11

According to the image shared by Digital Chat Station, the Xiaomi Mi 11’s box will have a slightly longer structure than the iPhone 12 box. In this context, you may think that the charger is placed in this long part. However, there is a fact at this point; The screen size of the iPhone 12 is 6.1 inches. It is stated that the screen size of the Xiaomi Mi 11 will be 6.7 inches. Here, the size difference between the boxes may also be due to this screen size difference.

The launch of the iPhone 12 family without a charger has not impacted users in many markets. In other words, although the consumers in our country oppose this situation, this issue was not taken seriously in other countries. Probably aware of this situation, Samsung also took advantage of the opportunity and thought of giving up the charger with the Galaxy S21 family. Xiaomi, one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers in recent years, may have made such a decision after its giant competitors. Let’s see what the next days will bring to consumers.

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