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The best selling phone has been announced in 2020!

The best selling phone has been announced in 2020!

We can say that competition in the smartphone market is becoming hotter every day. In this competition in the first half of this year, Apple became the winner. According to Omdia, in 2020, the best-selling smartphone will be iPhone 11 in the list of 10 best-selling smartphones. iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR and iPhone SE (2020).

Top selling phone statistics make faces laugh on the Apple side

The list of 10 best-selling smartphones includes 5 Apple devices. Judging by the same period last year, there were three iPhone models on the list. iPhone XR took first place, iPhone 8 – fifth, iPhone XS Max – ninth.

In 2020, the best-selling phone was iPhone 11. According to Omdia, this year 37.7 million iPhone 11 were sold. Last year, iPhone XR reached 26.9 million sales.

The second best-selling smartphone was Samsung Galaxy A51. The competing device in the average segment reached 11.4 million sales. Judging by this list of Samsung, we can say that this is a decline compared to the previous year. Last year, the company had 4 different devices. But this year Galaxy was on the A51 list.

Another brand that found a place on the list using 4 devices was Xiaomi. Brand statistics in this area have grown markedly.

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