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Tesla receives 146,000 Cybertruck pre-orders


Tesla’s interesting tool Cybertruck started pre-order purchase last day. With a Tweet shared by Elon Musk, the number of pre-orders has already reached 146,000.

Tesla receives 146,000 Cybertruck pre-orders

Cybertruck, which draws attention with Tesla’s angular lines, remains on the agenda. It was a question of how much this interest would be reflected in sales. The first figures were shared by Elon Musk for Cybertruck, which started pre-purchase last day. Already 146 thousand Cybertruck pre-ordered.

The initial model did not receive much attention

Elon Musk also announced which option is most preferred. The single-engine model with an initial price of $ 39,000 accounts for only 17 percent of pre-orders. The 42 percent preferred the twin-engine model, while the remaining 41 percent turned to the three-engine version.

To make a comparison, Tesla Model 3 was able to receive 232,000 pre-orders on its first day of sale. There is also a $ 1,000 pre-order fee for Model 3, and $ 100 for Cybertruck. When we think that Model 3 is a price-oriented model and that Cybertruck appeals to a special audience, we can say that these figures are in place.

Of course, not all of these pre-orders can be turned into purchases. We know that Tesla did not hesitate to refund Model 3 pre-orders before. Taking into account the low wage of as much as $ 100, many of the pre-orders will not return to the firm as sales figures.


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