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Tesla Cybertruck’s “broken glass” turned into a T-shirt


During the launch of Tesla Cybertruck, the test to demonstrate the robustness of the armored windows in the vehicle resulted in disappointment. The company turned this into an opportunity.

Tesla Cybertruck’s “broken glass” turned into a T-shirt

During the introduction of Tesla’s electric pickup, Cybertruck, a show was planned on the stage to demonstrate the durability of the armored glass used in the vehicle. However, things did not go as requested.

The metal ball, the size of a baseball, thrown into the armored glass of Cybertruck by the company’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen, severely cracked the glass, which was allegedly bulletproof in the first attempt.

Price 35 dollars

Encountering such a negative event at the launch event, Tesla produced a product that would turn this bad memory into a smiling face. The company put the pattern of the fracture in the glass due to the impact of the metal ball on a t-shirt and put it on sale.

The Cybertruck Bulletproof Tee is sold for $ 35. In addition, Tesla has released a variety of Cybertruck themed outfits and accessories. However, other products do not have fun references such as broken glass.

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