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TCL Announces New Mid-Level Android Tablets


TCL, which continues to take ambitious steps in the field of Android devices, announced two new Android tablets, which can be called medium.

Recently, a new company has been operating in the Android market – TCL. At the beginning of this year, the company, attracting attention on Android smartphones with excellent characteristics and very affordable prices, is now preparing to enter the tablet market.

TCL, which announces a new Android table, is aimed at the middle segment. One of the new models will be 10.4 inches, the other version, which is smaller, will appear with an 8-inch screen. Tablet prices are not bad either.


TCL Announces New Mid-Level Android Tablets

The TCL 10 TABMAX has a 10.4-inch screen. The 2000 x 1200 pixel screen also supports the TCL Stylus handle. The device includes 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of onboard storage. The price is about $295.

We see that TCL 10 TABMAX has a processor WorldTek. This octa-core structure has 4 cores of the 2 GHz ARM Cortex-A73 processor and 4 cores of ARM Cortex-A53. For graphics, ARM receives support from Mali-G72 MP3 800 MHz.

There is a 4G pill model that offers Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 connections. Other features of the device include 8,000mAh batteries, USB 2.0 USB Type-C input, 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera.


The TCL 10 TABMID has an 8-inch smaller screen. This table contains 1920 x 1200 pixels of 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. Also in general, the connection speed is shown slightly lower compared to another model.

This model uses an octa-core structure with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor. Adreno 610 is responsible for graphics. On the scoreboard with a 5.500 Max battery there is a USB 2.0 Type-C input, input to the headphones and a fingerprint reader. The rear chamber of the device with a front chamber of 5 MPs, and the rear chamber – 8 MPs. This model costs $270.

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