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Surprised Apple leadership in the smartphone market


In the last quarter of last year, Apple achieved a surprise and took the lead in the smartphone market. Despite the increase in Samsung, Apple could not catch Apple. Huawei was third.

Surprised Apple leadership in the smartphone market

Apple, which has been switched to Huawei in its smartphone market adventure that it has been running for the second time in many years, nevertheless made a surprise move in the last quarter of last year and became the market leader for at least one term.

A periodic change

According to the analysis by Canalys, a total of 78.4 million iPhones were sold in the last quarter of last year and Apple took the lead. The company experienced a 9 percent increase compared to the same period last year. Normally, the firm does not disclose the sales figures, but analysis firms can obtain estimated figures through their sales channels. In the same period of last year, Apple became a quarterly leader.

Samsung followed a straight line from the same period last year. In this respect, it was unable to beat Apple with the sale of 70.8 smartphones. Huawei, on the other hand, had some decline compared to last year with 56 million.

Xiaomi has achieved a significant rise in the list. Xiaomi, which sold 33 million in total, saw a 23 percent increase on a yearly basis. Oppo also achieved some increase with a sales figure of 30 million.

Throughout 2019, the ranking is restoring. Samsung leads the way with 298 million sales. Huawei achieved a significant increase compared to the previous year, reaching 240 million dams. Despite the performance in the last quarter, Apple could not stop the decline throughout the year and sold 198 million phones. Xiaomi and Oppo also take the last two places with sales of around 120 million.

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