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Stunning 50x Zoom Photos of Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Revealed


Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, introduced by Samsung recently, has risen 50 times with digital zoom. The device showed excellent results in zoom performance.

Samsung recently introduced the new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note20. The Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra model has already been sold in South Korea.

Of course, for each flagship smartphone, as well as for Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Despite the lack of detailed reviews of all Galaxy Note20 Ultra camera modes, the device’s zoom performance was divided by Techradar.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra continues to follow the digital zoom stream of recent years. In addition to the 5x optical zoom, a phone with a 50 x digital zoom does everything possible to remove a deleted object or frame as clearly as possible.

As you can see in the photos above, the US flag above the bridge is far from the place of photography. Yes, even with the naked eye, it’s hard to see the flag for sure. Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, 50 x, successfully intercepted the flag over the bridge.

Judging by what was in the other photo, this time we have a picture that is not as far away as the flag. In the original photo, the above gas occupies the entire frame with a 50 x digital zoom function. We can say that Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra do great with digital zoom.

If this is a sample of a zoom, then it focuses on the Statue of Liberty, which is far from the flag. The statue of liberty, which we do not even choose with our eyes, can be seen with the torch that is on his hands, thanks to the digital transmitter of the 50 x phone. Note that the crown of the statue looks quite detailed with 7 sharp ends.

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