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Stories Coming to Twitter: Here are the First Images from the ‘Fleets’ Feature


Stories, which are the most revolutionary feature of social media in recent years, also come to Twitter under the name of Fleets. With Twitter Fleets, it will be possible to make visual or text-oriented posts that disappear after 24 hours.

Even though it entered our lives with Snapchat, the Stories feature, which became popular with Instagram and came to Facebook, WhatsApp and LinkedIn in a short time, also comes to Twitter with the name Fleets.

Twitter Fleets, which shows that the last stronghold of social media has fallen, is translated into Turkish as “Fleets”, but actually has the same features as Stories. Users will be able to make shares that will disappear within 24 hours.

Twitter Fleets will be available worldwide starting today:

Stories Coming to Twitter: Here are the First Images from the ‘Fleets’ Feature

With Twitter Fleeds, which will be available to all users worldwide starting November 17, it will be possible to share a streaming tweet in the form of a story. In a way, users will be able to make retweets that can disappear within 24 hours.

Fleets feature, previously published in Brazil, was also tested in South Korea, Italy and Japan, according to Variety’s report. from November 17 onwards it will be introduced to the audiophiles all over the world, including Turkey. Then Twitter will gradually activate the feature for all users in a short time.

What types of sharing will be made with Twitter Fleets?

Fleets, you can actually share texts in the form of microblogs, along with media such as photos, videos, pictures, just like a tweet. You can also “Fleet” a tweet you see in the stream.

Twitter’s first goal with Fleets is to offer users “the opportunity to share more spontaneously” and to ensure that these posts are closed to search engines. In addition, according to the platform officials, the Fleets feature was used more than the tweet feature in the test regions.

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7 days ago

What the fuck
Not everything needs a “Stories” clone. This trend has to fade away.

7 days ago

this only makes twitter worse.
not better.

7 days ago

But you still can’t edit tweets in 2020 ..

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