Statement by Microsoft on the Viral Video of Smoke Rising from Xbox Series X


A video that went viral on the first day of the Xbox Series X prompted Microsoft to take action and make a statement. According to the video that went viral, the Xbox Series X was getting very hot and even smoking. However, this image was not real. Console owners had blown electronic cigarette smoke into the Xbox Series X.

US-based technology giant Microsoft’s next-generation game console, Xbox Series X, began to reach gamers. Some gamers who pre-ordered the console can use their new consoles even now. However, some gamers went viral on a video as a joke. However, this video exceeded its limits so much that Microsoft, who had to be involved in the event, had to make a statement on the subject.

Yesterday, a video swept through social media. In the video in question, an Xbox Series X was steaming. The allegations showed that the console became very hot and became this. However, that was not the case at all. Some gamers had blown vapors of electronic cigarettes into the lower part of their console, allowing the steam to first enter the console and then exit through the fan at the top of the Xbox Series X. Viral video forced Microsoft to take action.

Here’s an Xbox Series X drenched in smoke

Statement by Microsoft on the Viral Video of Smoke Rising from Xbox Series X
Statement by Microsoft on the Viral Video of Smoke Rising from Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is a very powerful console, so we can expect this console to warm up. However, everyone knows that overheating cannot result in such a thing. Moreover, some Xbox Series X users have taken action after the video in question went viral and have already shown how this image was achieved. So if you want, you can smoke like this from your new console.

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“We can’t believe we said such a thing, but…” Microsoft begins its statement about the event that went viral. Even this is an indication of how harmful what is actually done for the console. The company says that electronic cigarette vapor should not be blown for the Xbox Series X in the continuation of this output.

Statement by Microsoft on the Viral Video of Smoke Rising from Xbox Series X 1

By the way, electronic cigarette vapor contains intense water, and this vapor also has an oily structure. In fact, some tests have been done about it, and it has been investigated how the fatty structure of the electronic cigarette can affect the lungs. Here, blowing such a troublesome material into the console can cause huge damage to the running Xbox Series X. Microsoft was also aware of this, hinting at the beginning of their words that they were confused by the incident.

The video of the Xbox Series X going viral looks like this

Another Xbox Series X owner explained how to make viral content

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