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Stadia controller will stay wired for a while on phones and computers


Google’s controller for Stadia phones and computers can not be used wirelessly. According to the information on the store page until 2020, this situation will continue.

Stadia controller will stay wired for a while on phones and computers

Google’s online gaming service Stadia is available in some areas. Instead of connecting to your device, the special controller sent with Stadia aims to avoid delays by communicating directly with the server via Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t work on phones and computers. This means that users can connect the Stadia controller to their phone and PC via a cable. It seems that this situation will continue a little longer.

Targeting 2020

Earlier, it was stated that the wireless controller of the Stadia controller would arrive immediately after the service was released. Today, when we enter the same store page, we see gelecek 2020 will come ”. Therefore, we can say that those who want to use Stadia controller on their phones and computers will be condemned to cable for a while.

Of course, you can use the Stadia wirelessly with the help of third-party controllers. Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and so on. by connecting the handles to your computer or phone. You will need to use Chromecast for the Stadia controller.

Many other features announced with the Stadia controller are still unavailable. Some of these features are, for example, audio pick-up with 3.5 mm output on the controller, screen capturing on mobile or responding to voice chat. The announced Google Now functionality is also missing. It seems that the platform needs some more time to be fully operational.


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