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SSDs will be the Great Feature of New Generation Consoles


BoxFrog Games employee Tim Ash stressed the importance of SSDs on Playstation 5. According to Tim Ash, SSDs will not only help consoles in terms of performance, but will also allow the player to dive into the game.

The current generation of consoles is nearing an end, which means that players will get new and more powerful consoles. One of the features that will come with the new consoles will be a much more significant improvement than some developers.

Tim Ash, who worked for BoxFrog Games, the company for the development of Lost Wing, emphasized the importance of SSDs in the new generation of consoles. According to him, the use of SSDs in the consoles will not only improve the performance of the games, but will also keep the player from the game.

SSDs will be the Great Feature of New Generation Consoles

With the use of SSD in consoles, the load times and reboot times will be shortened. This will prevent us from breaking with the game when we accidentally die or pass the episode while playing in a disconnected way from the outside world.

When we think of games with huge maps like Skyrim, it seems to be of great importance that waiting times will be shortened. We will see a lot of new features with new consoles. We’ll get better quality images, better performance, but the most important feature of these is the shorter waiting times, because when we’re out of a battle, waiting for five minutes can kill all the air and break the game.

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